Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black & Blue

Happy Sunday everyone! I know this blog is called The Boudoir Memoirs and I haven't gotten as deep into the MEMOIRS aspect of the purpose of this blog as I would like.  Today's post is called Black & Blue as those are the colors for the look of the day, but I wanted to take that idea a little further.  The purpose of this blog is also to take you behind-the-scenes of the music business, what I have done and what I'm working on now.  Navigating the music business will certainly leave you a little black & blue! For me, one of my favorite quotes comes from one of my icons, Coco Chanel.
  Here was a woman who stayed true to herself, her passion, and was unafraid to break boundaries, and henceforth, revolutionized women's fashion in the twentieth century.  The same can be said about the music business as it will do all it can to mold you into SOMETHING rather than let you be SOMEONE.  For those of you that don't know, my big break came when I was handpicked by David Foster to perform with him in concert during his David Foster & Friends Tour in Chicago.  He was someone I always dreamt of getting the chance to sing for one day and what an incredible opportunity to perform with him at the start of my career?! It was an incredible experience and helped catapult me to Los Angeles and resulted in people in the music industry luckily starting to take notice of me.
All of these reality shows such as American Idol, The Voice, and now X-Factor have taken over and people always say to me, "Why don't you audition for some of these shows? You would make it for sure!" People assume (as I did in the beginning too!) that if you can sing then it's a no brainer and you will make it on the show. (All the ads for these shows feed that thought to you as well by saying "This is the BEST talent in America!")  I remember I auditioned for American Idol in Omaha, Nebraska years ago and sang Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." The audition was in a huge stadium and when I finished singing, the crowd actually gave me a standing ovation! I was completely taken aback but also so excited because I thought, "That's amazing! Now the producer of the show will see that I have people rooting me on and I'll go through to the next round!" (The first few days of auditions for these television shows take place in front of the show producers and casting directors. NOT the judges!) But guess what? I didn't.  I stayed after to ask the producer why she didn't let me through. Her response: "Oh well you have an amazing voice! We're just looking for something different this year..." So there you have it! 

I also auditioned for The Voice this year.  I thought to myself "Finally here's a show where from what I heard and read, you're supposed to be judged SOLELY on your voice. Perfect! So I went in and sang guess what? The same song that made David Foster handpick me out of hundreds of others to perform with him in concert: "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls.  Judging from their reactions when I started singing I took it as a good sign.  Then I also sang a Stevie Wonder song "Lately." Again, a good personal reaction.  In my group of 10 people, there were some very talented singers and musicians. I took note of who I thought would go through in the group and none of them did! (And neither did I) Believe it or not, the girl with the weakest voice in the whole group got through to the next round for the show called THE VOICE!!! Unfortunately that's just the nature of the music business and so many other businesses or situations.  At the end of the day, they're casting a reality show and regardless of your voice, if you do not fit whatever other specific criteria they're going for that year (specific stories, specific look, you don't resemble Justin Bieber, I should have worn cow udders like the guy next to me that got through to the next round, etc haha) then it may not be your lucky day.

When Coco Chanel first came out with her designs doing away with what was popular and feminine at the time: complicated corsets and lace in favor of simplicity and menswear-inspired fashions, people thought  she was crazy and that her designs would never take off.  I get the same.  "Oh you're a singer. But what's your back-up?" People have a very hard time supporting that which is different (Some of my own family even!).  So I leave you with one last quote that I love:
So wear your black & blue proudly even though typically wearing those colors together in the fashion world is a faux-pas! Wear it proudly, live bravely, and the world will eventually catch on to what you already know :)

EF xo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All That Glitters

Sorry I have been so behind on posting! My schedule is always so up in-the-air and in the music business things can change in an instant. For example, I was supposed to have a writing session early today, confirmed up until last night, and now this morning all of a sudden he has to go out of town. Frustrating, but at least it freed me up a bit to do a new post!  I finished up writing a new song yesterday (that I wrote to a producer's track he sent me) and I'm pretty excited about it. I think it could be a great song for Leona Lewis or Christina Aguilera (or maybe me :) Also finished up another round of revisions/additions to my latest song with Rob Kleiner on Monday so it's getting closer and closer! So far, it's my manager's favorite song that I've done yet (I think ever?) so I'm hoping you all will like it just as much. Just have to tweak it to make it as great as possible! Today will be another full day of songwriting starting on a new song. Wishing you all a very productive day!

PS My song Femme Fatale was apparently on the Paris Hilton show, "The World According to Paris." Did any of you catch it? More news on upcoming placements coming soon! 

EF xo

Je suis désolée que je n'ai pas écrit un quelques jours.  Mon emploi du temps est toujours si éclaté et ça change dans un instant. Par exemple,  je devais avoir une séance composition de chanson au début de cette après-midi, confirmée jusqu’à hier soir, et ce matin, l’écrivain ne peut pas le faire parce qu'il doit voler hors de ville.  C'est frustrant mais au moins il m'a libéré d’écrire un nouveau poste.  Hier, j'ai fini un nouveau chanson que j'aime beaucoup. Je pense il serait parfait pour Leona Lewis ou Christina Aguilera (ou moi peut-être ;)  Aussi, j'ai fini un deuxième série des révisions/ajouts à mon deuxième chanson avec Rob Kleiner ce lundi dernier.  Ce chanson est le favori de mon manager pour l'instant et j’espère que vous tous l'aimeront aussi! Aujourd'hui est un jour plein d’écriture sur un nouveau chanson. Je vous souhaite une journée productive!   

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday in Palm Springs

My birthday was on Monday so I snuck away to the desert from Sunday to Monday.  The weather was amazing and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is right up my alley. The hotter the better! I pretty much just laid out by the pool and read and it made for a very relaxing birthday. Palm Springs is less than 2 hours away from Los Angeles so it's a perfect little weekend getaway. The hotel, Ace Hotel had a cool 1970s motel hipster vibe and was right near downtown Palm Springs.  Here are a few photos!
Happy Saturday to you all!

EF xo

Mon anniversaire était ce lundi dernier et je l'ai passé dans le désert de Palm Springs.  Le température était incroyable environs 100 degrés Fahrenheit (38C). J'adore le chaleur. Le plus chaud le mieux pour moi :) J'ai passée le temps à la piscine au soleil. C’était très relaxant.  Palm Springs est moins de 2 heures de Los Angeles.  L’hôtel, Ace Hotel a un atmosphère d'un motel des années 1970s et très hipster.  Voici quelques photos! Bon samedi à tous! 

Dogs were allowed at the hotel and these two were relaxing at the pool on lounge chairs too!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Silver Spikes

I returned to LA last Sunday night and got right back to work! This week I re-recorded vocals for the second song I did with Rob Kleiner (Cee-lo, Atlantic Records) and it's coming together! It's been ridiculously hot here in LA this week and the recording booth when I was recording the song was probably at LEAST 110 degrees. The hotter the better for me, but that was a little much even for me! All in a day's work :) I'm thinking that when it comes time to show snippets of the new songs, I would love to release them here on the blog first. What do you think? Here or on Facebook? Let me know what you would like and I will keep you posted on that.   Lots of songwriting and recording this week. Also, for those of you that don't know, 3 of my songs I recorded last year for my last demo are up on iTunes, Amazon, etc.  All 3 were showcased on the 2nd season of Showtime's "The Real L Word" and there are a few more upcoming placements with the songs that I will tell you about as it gets closer.  By popular demand, we just put "Liquid" up there too. That should show up in the next few days. Here's the link:
I've included a streaming of "Liquid" for you to listen to as well.

Like I said, my look is very much blending sort of a 1940s glamorous chic with a modern rocker edge. Hope you like this new look with my Chanel inspired tweed jacket paired with casual jean shorts and featuring my new silver spikes! These shoes are insane and I'm kind of obsessed and I sound like a horse walking on cobblestones every time I walk around in these :)  Who doesn't love some black and white? I've included some of my favorite black and white looks here. Have a great weekend!

EF xo

Je suis revenue à Los Angeles le dernier dimanche soir et je commençais le boulot tout de suite! J'ai enregistrée les vocales pour le deuxième chanson avec Rob Kleiner (Cee-lo, Atlantic Records) et il sonne bien! Il a fait très très chaud cette semaine à LA  et la cabine d'enregistrement a été au moins de 110 dégrées Fahrenheit. J'adore le chaleur mais c’était trop chaud même que pour moi! Lorsque je peux partager les morceaux de nouvelles chansons, je pensais que je voudrais les partager ici sur le blog. Que pensez-vous? Ici sur le blog ou sur Facebook? Pour ceux qui ne savent pas, 3 de mes derniers chansons ont été présentés sur l’émission "The Real L Word" sur Showtime et sont disponibles sur iTunes et Amazon, etc.  Par votre demande populaire, on a ajouté "Liquid" aussi.  Ca sera disponible en quelques jours. Voici le lien:

Comme j'ai dit, mon style est une mélange des années 1940s glamour chic mélangé avec un style plus moderne et rockeur. J’espère que vous aimez ce look avec la veste inspirée par Chanel et ces hauts talons du métal.  Je ressemble un cheval marchant sur la rue pavée quand je porte ces hauts talons. Ils font du bruit! Qui n'aime pas le noir et blanc? Voici quelques mes looks préférées. Bon week-end! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Days of Vacation in Chicago

I returned back to LA on Sunday night after a relaxing week back home in Chicago.  As usual, the trip went by way too quickly, and by the time I got out of my wired work mode, it was time to turn right back around to LA! But it was great getting to catch up with family and friends, walking around downtown Chicago, going back to my university for a day, and seeing my dogs, Bodger (a bull terrier) and Emma (American Bulldog who is now blind as of a year or so ago).  I definitely miss them when I'm sans dog here in LA, but thought I would also include some of Bodger's crazy antics for your to enjoy. Such a little comedian :) So here are some random last days of vacation in Chicago. What did you all do for your long Labor Day Weekend?

Also, my song "Femme Fatale" will be playing on Women of Substance Radio today at 4pm EST/1pm PST. If you're around, please listen in here to support: 

EF xo

Je suis retournée à Los Angeles le dimanche soir après une semaine reposant à Chicago.  Comme d'habitude, le voyage s'est terminé trop vite.  C’était merveilleux à rattraper avec ma famille et les amis. Aussi, ce voyage était un occasion de voir mes chiens Bodger (bull terrier) et Emma (bouledogue américaine qui est maintenant aveugle).  Ils me manquent quand je suis à LA sans les chiens.  Je pensais que je inclurais des singeries folles de Bodger pour vous.  Il est vraiment comédien :) Voici quelques photos au hasard des derniers jours à Chicago.  Que faisiez-vous ce week-end pour la fête de travail?  

Aussi, ma chanson "Femme Fatale" sera jouer sur Women of Substance Radio aujourd'hui à 16h EST/ 13h PST.  Si vous pouvez, ecoutez ici: 
Merci pour votre soutien! 


Seafood Tower at Paris Club in Chicago. Yes please! 
                                                Chicago skyline from Lincoln Park Zoo

                                             It's no Monet's garden in Giverny, but it'll do ;)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Northwestern University

On Tuesday I made the trip up to Evanston to go visit my alma mater, Northwestern University.  It was really nice to be back on campus (Not stressed and madly studying for once :) I had lunch with one of my college friends and took some shots of the beautiful campus to show you all.  The campus is right on Lake Michigan and this is about the only time of year you can actually enjoy it before the horrible Chicago winter rolls in!  At Northwestern, I began as a voice major studying opera where I was a soprano (I'd never sung opera previous to audition preparations a few months before my audition for the school :s ) Since my goal always has been to sing at the Grammys rather than the Metropolitan Opera, I ended up switching to study English Literature and minoring in French (Doing my singing on the side until I graduated).  I spent my junior year of college studying in Paris, which was one of the best decisions I ever made because it was an incredible experience and I made some amazing lifelong friends.  Without further ado, here is Northwestern!

EF xo

Ce mardi, j'ai fait le voyage à Evanston pour visiter mon université, L’université de Northwestern.  C’était très agréable de retour sur le campus (de n’être pas stressée et de ne pas étudier cette fois).  J'ai déjeuné avec un ami de l’université et j'ai pris des photos du campus pour vous tous.  Le campus est sur le lac Michigan et maintenant et presque le seul temps qu'on peut en profiter avant l'hiver horrible de Chicago! J'ai commencée mes études à Northwestern avec ma matière principale en opéra (comme une soprano).  Mais, j'ai toujours su que j'ai voulu chanter le pop/r&b/soul, alors j'ai changée d’étudier la littérature anglaise et une matière secondaire en française.  J'ai passée mon troisième année de l’université à Paris qui a été une de mes meilleurs décisions parce que c’était un expérience incroyable et j'ai rencontré quelques amis étonnants. Voici Northwestern!    

                                                        Alice Millar Chapel on campus
 I may be a bit biased because it's the English building, but I think it's the most beautiful and iconic  building on campus :)
                                                                   Deering Library 

                                                                Shakespeare Garden 

                                                           Marching band practicing

                                                                           The Arch