Saturday, October 29, 2011

Singing for Akon!

Happy Saturday! How was everyone's week? Mine was busy and exciting.  The other night was especially good.  I went to The Record Plant, which is an amazing recording studio here in LA and it was a jam-packed night.  Lots of big artists were in doing sessions that night and I got to meet TI, Cee-lo Green, Mike Posner, and Akon.  More than just meet Akon, the manager I was there with had me sing for him.  So I got to serenade Akon  :) Not a bad night at all! (I gotta admit while I was standing there next to him I was having to hold myself back from singing "I just had sex!" from that hilarious Saturday Night Live skit Akon did with Andy Samburg hahah) Below is a picture of me, a couple other artist friends, Polow da Dan (huge producer) Akon, and artist/writer Tish.
Also, the look for the day featuring some new kicks! Hope you like it and have an amazing weekend all!
EF xo

Bon samedi à tous! Comment s'est passé ta semaine? La mienne était vraiment occupée et plein de surprise.  L'autre soir, j'allais à The Record Plant, un studio d'enregistrement très célèbre voici à Los Angeles et il y a beaucoup d'artistes célèbres.  J'ai eu l’opportunité de rencontrer T.I, Cee-lo Green, Mike Posner, et Akon.  Plus de rencontrer Akon, le directeur que j’étais avec au studio me demandait à chanter pour Akon! Alors, j'ai donnée une sérénade à Akon :) Pas mal pour la nuit! Ci-dessous une photo de nous avec Akon, Polow da Don (grand producteur) et l'artiste/compositeur Tish.  
Aussi, le look du jour présentant mes nouvelles bottes.  J’espère que t'aimes et bon week-end à tous! 

                                                      I wanted to sing this out so badly... 


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Runyon Canyon

I moved to Los Angeles from my hometown of Chicago about a year and a half ago now and I have to admit that some aspects of LA start to take it's toll on you.  The drivers here are horrendous! I've never seen so much craziness behind the wheel. It's insane! You have to become such a defensive driver and be ready for anything because you'll probably see it here :) Coming from Chicago where I see most people as hardworking, professional, make their own way, while staying warm and decent people, LA took some adjusting.  (To be fair it's most likely NOT LA, but rather just the music business!) People will lie, try and rip you apart, never follow through, the list goes on but you get my point :)  So luckily the weather in LA is amazing almost year round and I've discovered hiking since living here (There's no hiking in Chicago that's for sure! haha) and Runyon has become my staple.  It's where I come to sweat out the madness of the day-to-day craziness of being in the music business, rejuvenate, and come back stronger than ever to get the job done! (Although every time I'm at Runyon, which is always filled with owners hiking with their dogs, it makes me really want to get a dog asap!)
What do you do to clear your head/rejuvenate? I'd love to hear!

EF xo

Can you spot the Hollywood sign in the distance?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amped Up

I have been sooo MIA on the blog recently.  I'm sorry! Things have been super busy and a bit transitional as I've been working the past couple weeks with a new manager who may co-manage me.  I have been working with and getting to know him and his team of super talented artists.  They are incredible and you should all follow them on Twitter!! (@tayjasper, @emilyharder, @cjamd, @djsmashthedisco).  I also always want to switch it up and play around with my look so today's shows a different side. What do you think? I hope your week is as warm and sunny as it's been in LA. Feels like it's still summer, which I'd like to hold onto for as long as possible!
EF xo

Je suis désolée j'ai été si MIA sur le blog récemment.  J’étais tellement occupée et il a été un moment de transition.  Je travaille avec un nouveau directeur de musique qui va peut-être travailler à côté de mon directeur actuel.  Ce nouveau directeur a plusieurs artistes qui sont vraiment talentueux.  Je travaille avec eux et j'ai l’opportunité de les connaître mieux.   Vous devriez tous les suivre sur Twitter!! (@tayjasper, @emilyharder, @cjamd, @djsmashthedisco).  J'ai toujours envie de jouer avec mon look et je l'ai fait beaucoup récemment.  Le look d'aujourd'hui montre un côté different et plus badin :) Que pensez-vous?
EF xo

Monday, October 3, 2011

Corset Belt

I can't believe it's been over a week since I did my last blog posting.  I'm sorry I've been so behind, but at least I left you with a nice long one last Sunday :) This past week was INSANELY busy! I wrote 5 songs that are being pitched to artists like Madonna, Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Jay-Sean and/or Taio Cruz, did all the reference demo vocals and engineering.  It was a very busy week but definitely worth it! Also, my new song "Should I Follow My Heart?" is NOW up on my Facebook page! All you have to do is "like" the Erika Fatale page to unlock the song so you can listen:
For this song, I wanted to blend my soul, blues, and gospel influences and put a unique, sort of avant-garde twist to it.  I drew inspiration from Adele's "Rolling In the Deep," Emeli Sande's "Heaven," and Florence + The Machine's "Dog Days Are Over."  Let me know what you think :) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Erika xo

Je peux pas croire qu'il a été plus d'une semaine depuis mon dernier poste. Je suis désolée que je suis tellement en retard.  Au moins, j'en vous a laissé un très long le dimanche dernier! Cette semaine dernière était incroyablement occupée.  J'ai ecrit 5 chansons qui seront proposés aux Madonna, Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Jay-Sean, Taio Cruz, etc.  Aussi, ma nouvelle chanson "Should I Follow My Heart?" est sur mon Facebook maintenant.  Si vous "aimez" ma page musician Erika Fatale, il s'ouvrir:
Pour cette chanson, j'ai voulu mélanger mes influences de soul, blues, et gospel avec des éléments avant-garde.  J’étais inspirée par Adele "Rolling In the Deep," Emeli Sande "Heaven," et Florence + The Machine "Dog Days Are Over."  J'aimerais savoir ce que vous en pensez :) J’espère que vous avez passée un bon week-end!