Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Les Vitrines de Noël

It has been a CRAZY first few days back home in Chicago for Christmas. First, the day I got back (my mom's 50th birthday) my Grandma fell on the driveway when she came over to decorate the house for her birthday as a surprise. She fell smack on her face, knocking a couple teeth out, her face is all black and blue, and she was bleeding all over. Poor thing, but luckily didn't break any bones! Then, a couple days later, my car's catalytic converter was sawed off from the underside in the middle of the night. Chicago was really welcoming me home with open arms ;) But it feels so good to be back, and although I detest the cold weather, it is a magical city that I forgot just how much I missed until I'm back! One of my other favorite magical cities that I've lived in is Paris and there's nothing quite like Paris at Christmastime. Printemps and Galeries LaFayette always do amazing vitrines de Noël (Christmas windows) and 2011 is no exception. This year, Printemps worked with Maison Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld to design the Printemps Christmas Dreams of Escape. Galeries LaFayette's theme is Rock 'N Mode, designed by NYC artist and illustrator Andrew Yang. Check it out below! What part of the world are you spending the holidays?
EF xo


  1. She's slowly but surely on the mend, poor thing :( She's a tough lady!!

  2. Great photos! Ahh I love all of the mini Karls! I hope that your grandmother is all better, and that you all have a very Merry Christmas! :)


  3. Such cool window displays! =)

  4. I love those christmas windows! So incredible!

    I am keeping up with your blog through Google Friend Connect!