Saturday, October 22, 2011

Runyon Canyon

I moved to Los Angeles from my hometown of Chicago about a year and a half ago now and I have to admit that some aspects of LA start to take it's toll on you.  The drivers here are horrendous! I've never seen so much craziness behind the wheel. It's insane! You have to become such a defensive driver and be ready for anything because you'll probably see it here :) Coming from Chicago where I see most people as hardworking, professional, make their own way, while staying warm and decent people, LA took some adjusting.  (To be fair it's most likely NOT LA, but rather just the music business!) People will lie, try and rip you apart, never follow through, the list goes on but you get my point :)  So luckily the weather in LA is amazing almost year round and I've discovered hiking since living here (There's no hiking in Chicago that's for sure! haha) and Runyon has become my staple.  It's where I come to sweat out the madness of the day-to-day craziness of being in the music business, rejuvenate, and come back stronger than ever to get the job done! (Although every time I'm at Runyon, which is always filled with owners hiking with their dogs, it makes me really want to get a dog asap!)
What do you do to clear your head/rejuvenate? I'd love to hear!

EF xo

Can you spot the Hollywood sign in the distance?


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  2. when i need to clear my head and
    all else fails i reach for the ZAGNUTS. and you look like you could use a few yourself--girl, you are skinny! great leg definition tho

  3. thats a beautiful place to work out!

  4. I'm following your blog now love it follow mine too thanks :)