Saturday, October 29, 2011

Singing for Akon!

Happy Saturday! How was everyone's week? Mine was busy and exciting.  The other night was especially good.  I went to The Record Plant, which is an amazing recording studio here in LA and it was a jam-packed night.  Lots of big artists were in doing sessions that night and I got to meet TI, Cee-lo Green, Mike Posner, and Akon.  More than just meet Akon, the manager I was there with had me sing for him.  So I got to serenade Akon  :) Not a bad night at all! (I gotta admit while I was standing there next to him I was having to hold myself back from singing "I just had sex!" from that hilarious Saturday Night Live skit Akon did with Andy Samburg hahah) Below is a picture of me, a couple other artist friends, Polow da Dan (huge producer) Akon, and artist/writer Tish.
Also, the look for the day featuring some new kicks! Hope you like it and have an amazing weekend all!
EF xo

Bon samedi à tous! Comment s'est passé ta semaine? La mienne était vraiment occupée et plein de surprise.  L'autre soir, j'allais à The Record Plant, un studio d'enregistrement très célèbre voici à Los Angeles et il y a beaucoup d'artistes célèbres.  J'ai eu l’opportunité de rencontrer T.I, Cee-lo Green, Mike Posner, et Akon.  Plus de rencontrer Akon, le directeur que j’étais avec au studio me demandait à chanter pour Akon! Alors, j'ai donnée une sérénade à Akon :) Pas mal pour la nuit! Ci-dessous une photo de nous avec Akon, Polow da Don (grand producteur) et l'artiste/compositeur Tish.  
Aussi, le look du jour présentant mes nouvelles bottes.  J’espère que t'aimes et bon week-end à tous! 

                                                      I wanted to sing this out so badly... 



  1. Effortlessly chic!. We love your top and its color. It looked great with your shorts.
    Your nail polish is also cute.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. Love, love that sweater top!

  3. I totally agree, your jumper is gorgeous! :)

  4. Hi sweetie, i just found your blog and i think it is incredibly beautiful :)
    It'll be a pleasure if you come visit mine, and if you like, we can follow each other.


  5. What a gorgeous sweater! The color is so striking on you! xoxoxoo