Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Make-up Inspiration

Sorry I have not had the opportunity to post a new look in a few days. I'm looking to shoot one later on today hopefully so it IS on its way!! In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my collection of make-up looks that I love.  I love doing my own make-up and for years, I've done mine, my sister's, my friends, AND my sister's friends make-up for school dances and such.  I also do my own make-up for my live shows.  To give you a few examples, I've also included a couple of my performance videos from awhile back so you can see my stage make-up.  Enjoy and have a fabulous start to your weekend!

EF xo

Je suis désolée que je n'ai pas eu l’opportunité de montrer un nouveau look pour quelques jours.  J’espère de prendre des photos d'un nouveau look aujourd'hui.  C'est au chemin! Pour l'instant, je veux partager ma collection des looks maquillage que j'aime.  Pendant les années, j'ai fait mon maquillage, la maquillage de ma sœur, mes amis, et ses amis pour les soirées de l’école.  Aussi, je fait mon maquillage pour mes spectacles en direct. Pour te donner des exemples, voici quelques vidéos.  Profites-en et je te souhaite un début fabuleux à ton weekend! 


  1. I actually don't wear a lot of makeup so it's sometimes difficult for me to apply eyeliner and such. But I think I'm getting way better at it everyday! Loved this post!

    BTW, I'm having a giveaway on my blog and I would really love it if you entered!!!

  2. Good, I hope it helps you! I will definitely check out the giveaway, thank you!